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RestAUran noel

 with Benvenuti wines & Chiavalon oils 



Reservaions: 052 400 804,

Another Spinnaker Gourmet Stage dinner will take place as part of the Wine Nights event at the Spinnaker restaurant on 10 May at 7:30 pm - this time with Noel, a restaurant from Zagreb that has been awarded a Michelin star this year and is a vanguard of the Croatian culinary scene, adding its signature touch.


On this evening, all Spinnaker guests will be able to enjoy a five-course dinner dominated by local organic ingredients handpicked and prepared by chef Goran Kočiš with the aid of Spinnaker's team. The menu will offer a wide range of specialities that cater for aficionados of meat and fish delicacies, from Krk trout and Adriatic fish seasoned with Chiavalon organic olive oil, herbs, saffron and broccoli, foie gras varieties and black Slavonian pork in a seemingly incongruous combination with asparagus and Istrian truffles to lamb as a mainstay dish.

Noel's head sommelier Ivan Jug, the current Croatian champion and participant in the recent ASI World's Best Sommelier competition, which was recently held in Belgium, will serve guests premium wines from the Benvenuti Winery, such as Rose, Anno Domini Malvasia, Caldierossa, Anno Domini Terrano and Corona Grande. At the outset of the dinner, guests will get to savour the freshness of Martin Miller's Gin and Fever Tree tonic from the MIVA Wine Gallery, followed by some sweet delight provided by Spinnaker's renowned pastry chef Anna Tikulin, whose litchi, coconut, mango, ginger, raspberry and lime desserts display an exotic rhapsody of flavours.

Noel Zagreb has rapidly established itself as a vanguard of the Croatian culinary scene. It has earned the reputation of a successful fine dining restaurant that fuses European cuisine with local ingredients and techniques and has been praised by experts and guests alike. Noel is also the only Croatian Michelin-starred restaurant that is open throughout the year and not just during the tourist season.